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We’re constantly updating our calendar with Jewish singles events in many areas. We host shadchan meets in local communities, networking and chizuk events and an annual weekend retreat for our singles.

Upcoming Events

Weekend of April 28 - Annual Rebbetzins Retreat

Join us for a Rebbetzin's retreat, and together with like-minded singles, you can relax in the warm environment at our TheZone resort. Enjoy the great food, stunning accommodations, amenities and fun, while attending exciting workshops and inspiring speeches geared just to you. Get to know your Rebbetzin better, while networking with other Rebbetzins and singles too!

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Past Events

January 16 - Los Angeles Shadchan Meet

January 7 - Washington Heights Shadchan Meet

Dec 3 - Brooklyn Shadchan Meet

July 30 - Brooklyn Shadchan Meet

June 16 - Brooklyn Shadchan Meet

May 5-7 - Annual Rebbetzins Retreat

Feb. 12- Flatbush shadchan Meet

Feb. 26 – Flatbush Shadchan Meet

Dec.18- Passaic Shadchan Meet

Dec. 4- Flatbush Shadchan Meet

July 31- Five Towns BBQ Shadchan Meet

Rebbetzins Annual Retreat June 17-19

March 13 5 Towns Shadchan Meet

Feb. 14 Queens Shadchan Meet

December 20 - Shadchan Meet in Five Towns

November 1 - Shadchan Meet in Flatbush

August 30 - Passaic BBQ Bash Shadchan Meet

July 12 - Shadchan Meet in Five Towns

May 29-31 - Rebbetzins Retreat

March 8 - Shadchan Meet in Los Angeles

February 9 - Shadchan Meet in Upper West Side

December 7 - Shadchan Meet in Washington Heights

November 23 - Shadchan Meet in Toronto and Thornhill

November 22 - Volunteer Recruitment Meeting

September 14 - Shadchan Meet in Flatbush

Sunday, July 27 - BBQ Shadchan Meet - Passaic

Sunday, June 29 - BBQ Shadchan Meet- Monsey

June 6-8 - Rebbetzins Retreat

May 4 - Shadchan meet in Washington Heights

March 9 - Shadchan Meet in Baltimore

February 22 - “Shaking it Up”- a fresh perspective on Dating and Marriage.

February 16 - Shadchan Meet in Queens